We believe in teamwork.

Behind hundreds of our successful projects, websites, product launches, interactive communications, designs, effective results, and success of those works, there is a harmonious team, who not only enjoy what they do but enjoy doing it together!

We’re a creative powerhouse with structure and discipline.

We care about what we do and how we do it. Designing and delivering to clearly documented and communicated project milestones is key to us. For all our projects from start to finish we manage the entire work plan and flow using HBS (Horizon Brief System) software developed by us.

The HBS software allows us to effectively track the high level of briefs received by our clients on a daily basis. Upon receipt they are added by our client representatives immediately, upon saving the brief to the system a unique code is generated and sent to the relevant departments as a work order according to the structure of the work that is required. All documents, time plans, and workflows related to each brief can be viewed on the system in real-time. All work (design, software, etc.) conducted by the related departments is uploaded onto the system and each phase of the work can be viewed retrospectively.

This allows us to deliver exceptional quality with speed, order, full control, continuity, trust, and transparency.

We say ‘change & evolve’ whatever you do!

We believe that creativity should play a significant role in the formula of success for marketing communications. We strive to not stand still, to repeat but instead to be more creative with each new idea we generate, in every design we create, and in each project we bring to life, no matter what the size. But we don’t just create ideas, we see the ideas come to life and them bring change to the brands we work with, we help them evolve!

The #Horizoners

Didem Aral

Managing Partner

Özhan Öztürk

Managing Partner

Hayriye Akca

Snr. Account Director

Gözde Ünlü Dölek

Account Director